10 Hilarious Daniel Tosh Happy Thoughts Quotes You Should Read Before Starting Your Day

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Daniel Tosh is an American comedian, a television host who is also working as a voice actor, writer, and executive producer. Daniel Tosh’s happy thoughts quotes are famous all across the world for a little pun in them. Happy Thought is a film by Daniel Tosh. Tosh happy thoughts quotes is a film directed by Beth McCarthy-Miller, and the cast was Daniel Tosh. 

We have collected ten best Daniel Tosh happy thoughts quotes for you to start your day with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart. So let’s begin with all-time best Daniel Tosh happy thoughts quotes. So let’s begin with Tosh happy thoughts quotes. 

10 Daniel Tosh Happy Thoughts Quotes

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  1. Money doesn’t buy happiness. But if you live in America, it does buy you Waverunner. I can bet you haven’t seen a sad man on a Waverunner. 
  2. Daniel Tosh’s happy thoughts quotes say that when I was a kid, my imaginary friend would play with kids across the street. I used to say, Hey, so I guess I’ll see you later. And my imaginary friend is like Whatever Queer. That’s a hate crime. 
  3. I came up with my expression. I like to make it hail that. Yeah, that’s when you throw change on sluts. 
  4. Another Tosh happy thoughts quote goes like when he says that sometimes when I am feeling down because nothing seems to be going right. I like to take home a pregnancy test, and then I can say that at least I am not pregnant and will not have to bear labor pain. 
  5. I dated a teacher in high school. Yeah, it didn’t make me cooler. A lot of you are like that is because I was homeschooled. 
  6. In one of his live shows, Daniel Tosh’s happy thoughts quotes say that being an ugly woman is like being a man. You will have to work hard. 
  7. I don’t want to develop a personality. Tosh happy thoughts quotes hilariously, just cut my face, stretch it and staple it. Now I’m happy, or at least I look like it as I got my lips stretched and staple. 
  8. Until I see reincarnation or cloning, I am going to live up like this life. That was the kind of path I took, but I fulfilled my obligation. 
  9. How come everybody cheers when chicks flash their boobs and ass, but when I pull out my D&Bs, I am a registered sex offender. 
  10. I assume the only reason why white people feel relevant in sports because the only thing the winter Olympics show me is which country has more rich white kids, which is not popular in inner cities. 
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Daniel Tosh’s happy thoughts quotes are a bit hilarious, taken from the live shows that he performed in many cities and states across the world. Hopefully, these 10 Tosh happy thoughts quotes will make your day, and you have a beautiful start to your morning and a great ending to the day. 

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