10 Inspiring Happiness Self Improvement Books

Happiness Self Improvement Books

While many may say that happiness is a queer thing to find and that one stumbles upon it from time to time, many others would disagree. You do not have to go seeking for happiness in different nooks and corners. It comes to you automatically. Or maybe it is present there, but you are blinded by other thoughts that you can’t see it. Maybe reading a few happiness self improvement books will help. Or maybe you need to watch a few happy movies. Whatever it is that you do, only by changing your perspective can you find happiness in the most unexpected places.

Again, happiness movies are really easy to find and even easier to watch or not watch. If you aren’t convinced, you can always fast forward the reel and decide whether or not to watch the movie. But, happiness self improvement books on the other hand, are a tough job to select from. You cannot just go through a few pages and make a decision. You need to read them word by word.

So, how do you select one such book for yourself?

In this article, we will be listing 10 great inspiring happiness books that are sure to change your perspective on life and help you lead a happier life. Read along!

Top 10 Happiness Self Improvement Books

The Art Of Happiness By Dalai Lama And Howard C. Cutler

A well-known psychiatrist, Dr. Cutler teamed up with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama to bring to life this book, which is surely one of the best available in the market. In this book, you will find a western view of the Dalai Lama’s teachings that clearly explains that we hold the key to our happiness.

Authentic Happiness By Martin Seligman

Published in 2004, this book states that happiness has nothing to do with the right genes or getting lucky. Rather, it is the result of focusing on and improving one’s personal strengths instead of drooling over perceived weaknesses.

Happiness Self Improvement Books To Help You In The Darkest Times
10 Inspiring Happiness Self Improvement Books

Stumbling On Happiness By Daniel Gilbert

Professor Gilbert, a winner of the Royal Society of Science prize, states in this book that our brains tend to explore the possibilities in the future and see whether we enjoy it or get saddened by it. Quite strange, isn’t it? Reading this will surely change your views on yourself and your thought procedure.

Happiness Is An Inside Job: Practicing For A Joyful Life By Sylvia Boorstein

A practicing psychotherapist, Sylvia Boorstein in this book offers us advice that is full of warmth and wisdom. According to her, the secret to achieving happiness is to connect with people with kindness instead of hatred and try to look at the positive side of each person.

The Happiness Project By Gretchen Rubin

This relatable and funny book is a great way way to motivate yourself to focus better and work on your goals. It not only shares a personal and honest story but also connects with the readers in a way that they can picturise themselves as the character and can relate to the situation even better.

The Happiness Factor: How To Be Happy No Matter What! By Kirk Wilkinson

Published in 2008, this amazing book states, “change the way you look at things… and the things you look at change.” This line is so full of truth that every reader gets hooked to it and grows a completely different point of view about the world by the time they complete reading it.

The How Of Happiness By Sonja Lyubomirsky

If you are searching for a guide to finding happiness in the short and long terms of life, then this book can be your best partner. It explains the notion of happiness in a way that we have neither read nor heard before, thus altering our minds in a way that we automatically find happiness in the littlest of things.

The Best Happiness Self Improvement Books To Read
10 Inspiring Happiness Self Improvement Books

Happiness Beyond Thought: A Practical Guide To Awakening By Gary Weber

Having lived a successful ‘worldly’ life and also having achieved a sense of enlightenment, Gary Weber in this book provides his readers with a practical path to awakening.

The Happiness Equation By Neil Pasricha

This book reveals to its readers the nine secrets to achieve happiness. It also tells them that to achieve happiness or to have everything, one should expect or want nothing. Quite relatable to what Shakespeare had said, isn’t it?

The Happiness Hypothesis By Jonathan Haidt

Haidt believes that society relies on ‘so-called’ truths that have been passed down from age-old generations and that this, when mixed with modern science can bring you happiness. Isn’t it interesting?

Final Word

With so many amazing happiness science and self-improvement books available in the market, it can really be challenging to decide which one to invest in. Hope this list helps you decide which one to buy and that you finally benefit from it.

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