12 Unique Peace Love and Happiness Quotes that Will Make You Feel Grateful for Life

peace love and happiness quotes

12 unique and amazing peace love and happiness quotes if you want to send beautiful love quotes to your loved ones, feel motivated for the day, be happy for no reason, inspire other people, be grateful for life, etc. These quotes are perfect to put in Whatsapp stories, Instagram status, and Facebook posts.

Quote 1: Love

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“If you want to fill the garden of your heart with flowers of love, you must bring belief along with commitment. You must sow the seeds of loyalty and water them with patience every day. Then cover the ground with values and appreciation, provide care, clear the insecurities and trust issues. Fertilize with support and compassion. Don’t keep it in shadow, cherish it in the sunshine and let it grow. And at the end, from the beautiful plant, thousands of flowers will bloom, spread all over your heart for a lifetime.”

  • Shweta

Quote 2: Love

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“No matter how expert you are at swimming, some eyes will still drown you.”

  • Anonymous

Quote 3: Love

“Sometimes love can be so real but it is not true! Seek to know the truth and never send your heart on a journey without your head.”

  • Joshgenius

Quote 4: Love

“You make me think of love as roses with thorns, like day and night, but beautiful still.”

  • Anne J

Quote 5: Happiness

“You should be happy in the real world from within, like when you achieve your goals with all your efforts and hard work, or when you are able to bring happiness in the life of your loved ones instead of just smiling to give a pose for a picture.”

  • Sakshi Saxena

Quote 6: Happiness

“The first step to becoming happy is to lower your expectations because when you know your worth, you don’t expect more than that; And when you know your worth you don’t run after what will not fulfill your expectations.”

  • Anonymous

Quote 7: Happiness

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light.”

  • Albus Dumbledore

Quote 8: Peace

“If peace is being used as a tool of manipulating people’s minds, then it is a useless advocacy.”

  • Roel gonz

Quote 9: Peace

“Pretty much everything in this world requires some sort of external support at some point except for finding inner peace. It’s just you! What is stopping you?”

  • Experia

Quote 10: Peace

“Peace and happiness are something like salt and sugar, you search them in everything you see, everything you do. But you cannot find them unless you want to put them yourself into those things.”

  • Anonymous

Quote 11: Happiness

“People think that having everything they want will bring them happiness, what they don’t know is that there are people who can have everything but still can’t find happiness, then there are people who have nothing but happiness.”

  • Anonymous

Quote 12: Peace

“Problems are chaotic, you can never run away from them, they will stack up and interfere with your peace of mind. A wise person should have enough courage to face the problems, fight the fear, and accept betrayal if it comes.”

  • Anonymous


So here were 12 amazing and unique peace love and happiness quotes, all the quotes are taken from the internet by talented writers, and to honor them, their names are mentioned.

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