15 Joy And Happiness Quotes That Will Bring Instant Smile On Your Face

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Life is full of ups and downs. There is a point of time in everyone’s lives when they feel like giving up and lack self-love. So, reading these 15 best joy and happiness quotes will make you fall in love with your life and make you feel complete and whole whenever you witness this situation. 

List Of Best Joy And Happiness Quotes 

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  1. Joy is when your opinion, what you say, and what you do are in concordance. 
  2. There is just single happiness in this life, to cherish and be adored. 
  3. Be glad for this second. This second is your life. 
  4. Happiness lies in the delight of achievements and the adventure of imaginative exertion. 
  5. Spread love wherever you go. Let nobody at any point come to you without leaving you more joyful.
  6. Take steps to be glad and your delight, and you will frame a strong host against troubles. 
  7. Activity may not continually bring joy, yet there is no joy without activity. 
  8. It’s the beginning of another day, another chance to make a new beginning once more. Support yourself. Get a range and begin painting a wonderful picture in the peddle of your heart. What gigantic euphoria it will give you and individuals around you each brief snapshot of your life. 
  9. Our activities can’t lie. It’s what inside our souls that shows itself in our day-by-day dealings with individuals around us. Rather than painting a lonely picture, which gives only disdain, why not make an image where interminable delight dwells? 
  10. We gotta search for the positive qualities in the awful, the cheerful in our pitiful, the increase in our torment, and what makes you appreciative, not derisive.
  11. You were given this life; your duty (and entitlement as a human being) is to find something beautiful within life, no matter how slight.
  12. Never dwell on those who constantly let you down; cherish those who hold you up.
  13. Suppose you are able to properly master the art of dealing with time and make use of it to pray, to love, to care, to heal wounds, to solve problems, to be patient, to find the ultimate purpose of life, to chase your dreams, to be extremely kind, to have fun, to be always happy, to help people and to understand yourself. Don’t waste it but live it.
  14. We all are different from creating the different things on this planet- Earth. Be Great, be Proud of yourself every time you contribute something beautiful to your life and other’s life. Don’t compare yourself as it brings more complexity into your life. You are always Whole and Complete, wherever you are in life, so create whatever you like.
  15. When you realize what’s crucial in your life, you will realize the value of your life. We have been given this gift: life to cherish and enjoy. Be grateful for this gift of life. Make sure to love, share, care, help, encourage, and motivate others. Especially touch the world. It is your life, but you will never fully live it until you share it.


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So, whenever you lack motivation or feel like giving up on life or need something to bring a smile to your face, read these beautiful joy and happiness quotes. 

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