3 Must Watch Happiness Inducing Movies To Make You Feel Good

happiness inducing movies

When you are stressed and want something which may make you feel happy, reading a funny story or watching a comedy movie can be a good option. Whatever be your mood, the happiness-inducing movies that we are going to suggest will surely make your mood happy instantly.

Bridget Jones’ Diary

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This movie is based on Bridget Jones who is a single woman who drinks and smokes too much and isn’t happy with her weight. How her boring life becomes delightful when she gets a good group of friends. How she makes mistakes after mistakes, will make you laugh surely. In a nutshell, this movie may seem tasteless in the beginning but later on, the entire story becomes so interesting that you will watch this movie again and again.

Legally Blonde

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If you are looking for a fun girl power movie, Legally Blonde is one of the best choices for you. In this movie, Reese Witherspoon is in the role of Elle Woods, a girl who has never been taken seriously decides to go to Harvard Law School after a bad breakup. If you are a person whom nobody takes seriously because of your humorous nature, you will connect this plot to yourselves. From the beginning to the end, this movie will make you laugh frequently. 


If you love to watch Hindi comedy movies, do watch this movie. As it is clear from its name ‘entertainment’, this movie is full of laughter from the beginning to the end. Entertainment is an Akshay Kumar and Tamannah Bhatia starring movie which revolves around a dog named ‘Entertainment’. This dog is the only inheritance of property worth ₹3000 crores. This sitcom movie is pecked with lame jokes but they come up at you at such a furious pace that you are sort of lulled into a burst of exhausted laughter. In addition to this, the expressions of Entertainment will compel you to have a sudden smile on your face. From the beginning, this movie becomes entertaining when Akshay comes to know that his reel-life father makes that dog inheritance of his 3000-crore property. He makes different plans to kill that dog but everything goes in vain in different humorous ways. When you watch this movie, you will feel that it justifies its name very well.


Happiness-inducing movies are designed in such a way that viewers will laugh even at lame jokes. If you are fond of watching Hollywood movies, the first two movies are the best recommendations for you. And, if your taste fits best with Hindi movies, Entertainment is a must-watch movie. Moreover, if you are willing to try more in the same genre, Housefull, Golamal are the two most-watched happiness-inducing movie series. In Bollywood movies, most of the movies released around 2008 fall in the same genre. You can go for Singh Is King too.

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