A Brief Guide to Korean Movies

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Ever been happier in your life? Does watching Korean movies make you feel better? What about watching them with your family? Most of us have been the victims of unhappy marriages and have wondered if having happiness could have been the key. Well, one thing for sure is that movie stars and actresses are quite into this happiness-themed business.

For those who are not aware, Korean movies have a long tradition of using happiness as the theme. In fact, their plots and stories almost always revolve around a happy ending. It’s just like the American movies where the happy couple always ends up together. Well, that is actually a bit of a misnomer because, in Korea, they always see the happy couple end up together.

Happiness Korean Movies

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But what about watching these Korean movies with your family? After all, most families are more interested in making it a learning experience rather than pampering their loved ones. This means that they won’t be watching the movie to pass away the time but to actually instill good feelings in the family.

Now, are you wondering what the most popular theme in these movies is? Well, it’s happiness. Almost all the movies have some sort of happy ending, and that’s the main reason why people end up watching these films. There are some that are sad, and there are some that have a twist ending. But most of them do have a happy ending.

So what is this happy ending? Well, most of the movies contain violence. But then, they also have sad and funny lines. When the violence is very subtle, there is less emphasis on the violence.

The actors portraying the characters try to convey the feeling of happiness through their facial expressions and body language. They say goodbye to their loved ones; they get married and have a baby. They are happy when they have a promotion at work, and they feel sorry for their parents when their parents die. They even have some funny lines when they say, “you’re too old.”

Messages Of Korean Movies

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Most of the time, the movie has to do with a boy who is left by his mother as she gets involved in a relationship with a man. He vows to become a better person, and he does. The boy meets a girl and falls in love with her. They marry and have a baby, and then the movie ends.

The message of happiness in Korean movies can be a positive one. It is about how life is short, and only once you have been born, you have to face the world. And then, you have to enjoy every second of it. And if you find someone who can make you happy, show them a lot of respect.

There are also stories about how the girl’s family was very poor. But the girl decided to become a great teacher. And in order to do so, she learned the art of dancing and singing. This is the main idea behind “The Joy” movie. The whole movie is about how a teacher can help the people around her.

Things To Know

Most of the movies about happiness will end happily. They will go on to show people how they should act and how they should think to attain happiness. Some movies will also have a happy ending because the character gains something after achieving happiness.

People think that the most important ingredient for happiness is money. But Korean movies have proved that this is not true. Money can bring happiness only if it is already in a person’s pockets. But most of the time, people’s struggle for money just to live day-to-day. That is why it seems that the biggest source of happiness is related to people’s feelings. We all know that people who are truly happy to have no problems at all.


In conclusion, Korean movies made for the whole family, especially for the younger ones, are perfect vehicles for teaching the basic values of living. They are full of fun and are filled with messages about how to be a good person. So if you want to be a happy person, all you need to do is watch your favorite Korean movies. It may sound like a cliche, but it’s not.

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