A Good Contribution Is Not Enough

A Good Contribution is Not Enough

A new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology indicates that people who make a good contribution to the company do well in their job. Making a good contribution means that people are kind and helpful to co-workers and associates. The team effort is a two-way street where good results also mean good contributions to the company.

The researchers from the University of Delaware’s Graduate School of Business were interested in testing the theory. That the higher a person’s status is, the more they contribute to the company. If one contributor has better positions than the other they may get more attention and maybe reward accordingly. So, does it actually work?

A Good Contribution Is Not Enough
A Good Contribution Is Not Enough

Good Contribution

Hierarchy is real and they had people make a game out of how much the hierarchy was based on merit and how much not. They had a group of people make a game with two players. The first player would try to be the highest-ranking individual in the hierarchy. While the second player would try to be the lowest ranking. The participants were asked to rate each other for how much respect they showed for the hierarchy. This was by giving their points and the players were only allowed to play the game as many times as they could within two minutes.

Result Of Good Contribution

The results were startling. The hierarchy was not based on how long the member of the hierarchy had been there or how much respect they were shown. The results showed that members of the hierarchy that made a good contribution to the company did very well in their job.

Why? Because the members were taking responsibility for their actions. It’s possible that when people think about making a good contribution. They become overwhelmed by the need to do so and stop to think about what would really be best for the group.

When people do make a good contribution they would take responsibility for their actions. The result of this action would be that their reputation is not affected by the actions of others. And they have to be careful not to do anything that would negatively affect others.

A Good Contribution Is Not Enough
A Good Contribution Is Not Enough

Importance Of Good Contribution

So if a person does not make a good contribution and gets a poor reputation. The next time they might think about making a good contribution they would feel more in control and get a better reputation. This is why the new study suggests that a person with a good reputation does better in their job.

These studies in all their fine detail add a crucial and yet often ignored part of the picture to the game of leadership. People may have their own opinions and might not necessarily agree with the direction the business is going. But having some authority within the organization gives people the opportunity to make a good contribution to the organization. And also gain a reputation for being helpful and for having a good reputation.

Know More

When people are helping others in the organization, others will appreciate this and be encouraged to be kind and helpful in their own way. People in leadership positions also understand that the relationships within the organization mean a lot to their own self-esteem. And getting involved with relationships helps people to be kind and helpful to others as well.

In order to be an effective leader, one must be able to make a good contribution. However, being helpful does not mean doing anything and throwing your hands up in the air. And also thinking that everything will be alright. Being helpful requires some skill and knowledge and people should always be respectful in the way they interact with each other.

Bottom Line

A good contributor will be good to others as well as to themselves. There will be a sense of having contributed to the organization. And when people recognize that they will be less likely to be critical of the organization because they will see that their efforts do pay off.

Leaders should look at the past actions of people who have contributed to the organization and see what kind of contributions they can make. Leaders must make a good contribution. But the final decision about how to make a good contribution does not lie in their hands. But in the hands of the people who are in the organization.

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