Best Movies About Happiness – Motivate Yourself To Be Happy

best movies about happiness

Not all the messages must be conveyed in an action movie and not all the movies that focus on giving a that focuses on giving a good feeling to the audience at the end of the movie must be boring. The idea of bringing the art of cooking and showing more of the backstage in the process is a beautiful idea already and adding the multiculturalism makes it an interesting watch. Let us take a look at the two best movies about happiness and effort.

The Hundred-Foot Journey 

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The Hundred-Foot Journey movie is about an Indian family setting up a restaurant in France just opposite a well-established French restaurant. As expected, there is intense rivalry amongst the two restaurant owners. The movie is full of passion and colors and the emphasis has been laid on passion. There are themes of multicultural understanding in this movie and if there is anything to learn by watching this movie, then it is about how strongly one should hold onto their passion with the focus that will keep them going regardless of the interferences. 

Looking at the French and Indian dishes and the making lovely and the rolling surroundings help in making it look much better. Even for those who are not interested in watching this kind of movie, the look, and feel of this particular movie might seem attractive. The movie has been taken from Four Seasons and watching the pleasant surroundings and all the aspects covered in the movie throughout these seasons makes it worth the time. There is a pleasing combination of ingredients present in the movie and when the pace is slow and steady, it takes a wild turn all of a sudden. We found this turn needless and all the pleasant feelings start falling apart after that. 

Hidden Figures

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The movie “Hidden Figures” based on the bestselling book which was written by Margot Lee. The story revolves around the difficulties faced by the women in 1961 while working for NASA. Despite having an incredible talent that they possessed, it was very hard to make a difference because of the discrimination and the differentiation of gender and race. At the time women were not recognized and the opportunities were limited for them. 

In the movie 3 women, working in NASA dreamt about the space mission as during the time the race for space travel was quite high between the US and Russia which would have one of the greatest achievement in the history of space missions. The movie shows the journey of these women in sending a man into space which later was able to land on the moon. By watching you would get to know the deep roots of discrimination and racism they had experienced in their own country. The respect and morality towards them were almost negligible. While having their own personal fights, they had to deal with society in order to pursue their dreams. The most groundbreaking part of the movie is how all these women come together for a common goal which left an impact on many centuries to come. 


We feel that at this point in time it is important for the youngsters to watch movies about dedication and perseverance since not much attention is being given to it as much as given to fantasy movies. This is about actual women empowerment and it needs to be set as a benchmark for the rest of the movies based on women empowerment and feminism. 

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