Books About Finding Happiness – Part 3

books about finding happiness

In this special article, we will share 25 of the top happiness books to read before you die. Your to-die-reading list has probably never looked better. Self HELP Books About Finding Happiness In Yourself. While many self-help books do not always receive the greatest reputation, there is definitely some useful information to be found in their pages.

The Art Of Learning

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There are many schools of thought about finding happiness. Some people say it is a matter of finding something in your life that make you happy and doing it consistently every day. Other people prefer a more meditative approach, involving daily rituals and visualization. Whatever your preferences, this book will get you started on the path to happiness.

The Science of Getting What You Need. This quick little read is chock full of all kinds of wellness tips, from eating healthy to meditation to self-care. It is very helpful for those wanting to change their habits or find more energy. Dalai Lama recommends using the Science of Getting What You Need by Mark Victor Hansen. For those who want to take their current routine and make it healthier, this quick book on the science of happiness helps you put the knowledge into practice.

How To Be Successful In Any Area

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Self-help books on finding happiness typically touch on a few areas, such as finding a fulfilling career or finding ways to relax. However, one of the most important topics of all is self-mastery, especially for those who have been seeking to improve one aspect of their lives for years. This book covers just about every aspect of personal development you could possibly imagine, including meditation and visualization, as well as the basics of leadership, self-confidence, creativity, and more.

Do You Have What it Takes?

Those looking to achieve greater heights in life often look towards books on happiness. In Do You Have What it Takes, David Decker delves deep into the topic of emotional intelligence, or what Decker calls the mental quotient. According to Decker, those who are able to manage their emotions well are able to excel in any area of life. This includes finding happiness, overcoming adversity, improving careers, and so much more.

Fraser on Happiness

A lot of people know Michael Chabon as the creator of the graphic novel It’s About Time, but his latest novel, The Art of Getting Away, is another novel all on its own. In this novel, Fraser uncovers the true meaning of success and what it takes to truly enjoy life. In essence, you will learn how to do just that by reading the book and applying the tips and techniques that are provided throughout the book. One thing that is very important to remember about the author of this book is that it isn’t a “workbook” or a series of seminar on the psychology of happiness that you typically find.

Bottom Lines

The third part of the series, which consists of books about energy medicine and yoga Nidra, is actually what will inspire you to take the entire process a step further. After working on your self-comfort, you will then be able to start looking at life in a new light. In particular, you will be able to use the information you gained from your own self-care journal and apply that knowledge to the things you do today, as well as those you plan to do in the future.

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