Discovering the Art Of Happiness

Are you in the hunt for discovering the art of happiness? Happiness is a word that people often use incorrectly. Instead of saying they are happy, people often say they are “living in the moment.” It is sad to think that so many people only dwell on the future and not now.

One thing that is often misunderstood about happiness is the concept of living in a state of happiness. Sometimes it is called the “lived in-state”lived inexperience.”

Discovering the Art of Happiness

The Art of Happiness

The art of happiness can be learned through living in state happiness. This does not mean you should be an absentee or an escape artist or anything else, but rather than living in the state of happiness would be a helpful way to describe what it means to be happy.

Your most valuable asset is your “happiness.” No one else can give you your happiness. Yet it is your greatest asset because without it you would be sad, down, and lifeless.

What causes negative emotions? Everything, that’s what. You are simply reacting to every event or circumstance in your life. We all react the same to every circumstance because we all believe the same things.

Handling Your Emotions

Emotions are a normal reaction to every situation. Our emotions are our response to everything around us. If we do not take time to stop and analyze why we are reacting in the way we are then we are living in the state of happiness will be something we are having and will not occur. That is the point of this article, to teach you how to live in a state of happiness.

Discovering the Art of Happiness

It has been said that negative emotions are often caused by an inability to identify and understand our true state of happiness. When you are in a state of happiness, the flow of your happiness is constant. You are able to react in a positive way because your happiness is so steady and consistent. In this state of happiness, the feelings of pain and sadness that you have been experiencing will simply fade away because the flow of your happiness is uninterrupted.

I am not saying that all feelings are experienced in this state, but when you are in a state of happiness it is relatively rare that you will have poor quality feelings. Instead, you will experience abundance and clarity. In this state, you are experiencing feelings of abundance and clarity at all times.

Everyone Is Entitled To Their Emotions

Many times people have poor quality feelings that are just a result of the event or circumstance that they are living through. For example, if someone is in jail then there is probably going to be some sort of sadness or negativity around them. However, if the person is a mother then that sadness will definitely be different from a person who is in jail. In the former case, the sorrow is usually all centered around the person in jail, while in the latter the sorrow is just centered around the situation.

The state of happiness is that which has to do with being able to identify and understand the relationship between the feelings that you have and the specific event that triggered them. It is important to make sure that you are in a relaxed state of mind before you go to sleep or meditate or whatever. When you are comfortable, then you are in a state of happiness. If you cannot find that relaxed state then it is important to remember that you are simply dealing with negative emotions.

Discovering the Art of Happiness

In order to make sure that you are in a state of happiness, it is important to make sure that you understand the difference between emotions and feelings. In the previous paragraph, we discussed feelings and emotions. It is very important to realize that emotions are the same as the feelings we experienced the moment you were affected by the situation.

There is nothing wrong with thinking that you are unhappy but a good night’s sleep is a great place to begin. You are about to discover the art of happiness.

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