Finding Happiness Within Yourself and Your World

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“To stay happy, you need to find happiness in yourself, first.” This is one of the most profound quotes I have ever heard from an author. I have found it since and reread it several times to keep in mind that it is right on target. Finding happiness in yourself is the most important ingredient to living a happy life. You must first accept yourself and then find happiness in yourself before you can find happiness in others. As Napoleon Hill wrote in The Secret, “He who first sees himself in greatness, fears to live with him; he who imagines his defects creates his ideal.”

There is nothing more tragic than dwelling on what you do not want. As the famous quote goes, “Build your dreams, not your dreams of having other dreams.”

When I read these words, I realized how important it was to respect myself before I began to admire myself. It is only when you begin to value yourself that you can then begin to build a worthy dream. To stay happy and pursue all of your dreams, it is imperative that you first accept yourself as you are now, with your flaws, weaknesses, capabilities and strengths. Only then can you begin to develop the mental capability to seek out and live by any and all of the great and good that you already possess.

About Dr. Norman Vincent Peale Book

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In the book, “Finding Happiness Within Yourself,” Dr. Norman Vincent Peale wrote, “Our unhappy habits are like rickety wooden scaffolding that tips and collapses at the slightest crack. We feel insecure about our present unhappiness, and our hopes and prayers for happiness are vain. Happiness is an inner state, not a surface one.”

The most fascinating thing about finding happiness is that it is absolutely true! Happiness is an inner state, an intangible thing, something that can only be found by finding yourself and examining your behavior. When you learn how to tap into your inner happiness and begin to give yourself permission to express it, everything in your world will begin to fall into place.

The most interesting book that sheds new light on finding happiness is “Finding Nemo.” This is a book that all parents should read. Not only is it beautifully written and filled with wonderful images and anecdotes, but it is also chock full of great information about finding happiness. The author, Patrick Swayze, takes a humorous and lighthearted look at the search for happiness and how to approach it from a parent’s viewpoint as well as an artistic one. He provides the reader with some unique insights that allow him to show us how to view happiness as something that can actually be found and used to enrich our lives.

Interesting Thing About Book

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One thing that I enjoyed about this book was the author’s reference to an episode of “Nemo” where Marlin the Clownfish had finally won the battle against a massive amount of annoying crabs. In the book, he refers back to this event and says that it became something of a mantra for finding happiness within. It took some doing, he admitted, but eventually Nemo found what he was looking for and that was true happiness. He ended up having a whole new way of looking at life and found happiness in the process.

Another book that sheds new light on finding happiness within is “The Purity of Paradise.” The title itself brings up a host of possible thoughts about finding happiness. In this book author David Williams relates the story of his own struggle with his desire to find God and heaven within. This book explores how we get so caught up in the everyday grind and how even the things around us, such as relationships, may not be in alignment with what God would want for us to be.

Final Verdict

If you have been searching, I encourage you to look further into these types of books because they are filled with insight that can help you grow as a person and help you understand the path toward holiness. Whether looking for answers about God or trying to find your own sense of peace, these books can help you along your journey.

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