Finding The Best Happiness Books

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The best happiness books will be the ones that teach you to be happy in spite of the circumstances. If you are in an unhappy relationship you will want to know how to be happy, but you can’t help being miserable. There is no question that most of us need a little cheering up. We all need to learn how to be happy. How do we find the best happiness books?

New Science For Old

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One of the best books I’ve read on happiness is by New Science for Old. This book teaches you about the true definition of happiness. It also explains how science and new age thinking can help you achieve happiness. I especially like how New Science for Old discusses the three stages of grief.

Another one of the best happiness books is by John Gottman. In his book, he looks at three major factors that influence happiness: personal strength, positive psychology, and the desire to improve. He says that each of these factors is influenced by your beliefs. He further states that to find happiness, you need to discard false beliefs and replace them with positive ones. In addition to this, he argues that to be happy you need to have control over your environment. A good example of this is how putting limits on your relationships helps you to be more satisfied with your life.

Some Things For Yourself

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In addition to helping you find happiness, the best happiness books also point out that to be happier you have to do some things for yourself. These key takeaways come from New Science for Old. Gottman and Smith explain that by creating a better understanding of yourself, you can then figure out how to make the most of what you already have. Here are the three key takeaways from New Science for Old.

To get into the best happiness trap you must first understand what a happiness trap is. According to them, a happiness trap is a situation that pulls you into an endless downward spiral where you feel unhappy, helpless, desperate, and depressed even when there is no need to be. When you fall into the happiness trap, according to them, it will consume all of your efforts to become happy and will result in a feeling of unfulfillment.

Identify The Commonalities

In addition to understanding what a happiness equation is, you also need to be able to identify the commonalities between the happiness equation and your own personal experiences. For example, you may find that many people have the same problems that you have, such as financial issues, loneliness, and health problems. In addition to this, you may also identify that many people have the same hopes and dreams, such as being able to own their own home, saving money, having peace and quiet, and living an active and meaningful life.

After you have read the book called New Science for Old, you may also want to look at other books on the subject, such as: The Secret and Other Thoughts by Daniel Goleman; Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill; Think and Grow Rich by Robert Kiyosaki; and Think and Grow Rich by Millionaire Mindset author David Bach. In addition to these, you may want to look at other resources about happiness and the goals that you can set for yourself. These include: Success Within and On a Road to Success by Jack Canfield; Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill; Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki; and Rich Dad by Michael J. Gerber. After reading these books, you should have an understanding of what you need to do to change your circumstances and achieve true happiness.

Last Words 

In addition to reading these books, you may want to look at the many websites that are available online to help you make sense of the concepts discussed above. For example, instead of becoming overwhelmed with negative thoughts about money, you can look at the positive resources that money can bring you, as well as the positive resources that a happy life can bring you. As well, instead of becoming depressed with negative thoughts about family, friends, work, or anything else, you can focus more on the many aspects of happiness and well-being. Amazon is a great place to find these resources and a host of other resources for happiness.

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