Five Fun Movies To Watch With Friends

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Movie dates are always fun and especially with friends. In the era of online streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime, Hotstar etc, we are literally spoiled for choices. But here we are to simplify your life a Lil bit more with a list of some fun movies to watch with your buddies while you sit in front of that big screen with some popcorn and snacks. Half of the time friends keep fighting over what to watch instead of settling on one movie but those days are history, as we have come up with the perfect solution.

1.Harry Potter Series

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It would be a sin not to add Harry Potter to the list! Keeping all the magic and spells aside, it has to be considered as one of the greatest movies on friendship. The entire journey of the three friends from the first part to the last just gives you an experience that you would carry all your life. Even if you are not a ‘Potterhead’, yet you won’t regret watching it along with your friends. Do give it a shot and then you can thank us later! 

2.3 Idiots

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Now this one is an Indian classic on friendship on its rights. The story of this film sort of defines friendship in the most fabulous way. Three guys meeting on an Engineering college campus and how they stick through thick and thin while their friendship just keeps growing stronger despite all the odds. The movie screams selfless friendship and fun throughout. It is basically a must watch movie in general and especially with friends.

3.Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

A flying car, a dude trying to steal people’s children, it’s a crazy film to watch and especially with friends who haven’t watched it. Friends are always up for crazy stuff generally and what can be better than watching a movie that is filled with madness. The added point is that you get to see Dick Van Dyke at his sexiest! Moreover, it’s a super fun film to watch with your friends and we can totally vouch for it.

4.The Conjuring

Now one might be really confused about why we have added this one to the list as it is a horror film but hey, would it not be crazy fun to get scared together with your friends? Hence this one had to make it to the list. Telling from personal experience, the conjuring is one of the best-made horror films ever. It is bound to give you chills through the spine and would be an insane amount of fun watching along with friends.

5.The Dark Knight (2008)

Do you even need a reason to watch this one? Isn’t everything about this movie so perfect? You and your friends can chat about Heath Ledger playing the best joker or how the bat tank turning into the bat pod is the coolest thing that happened in the history of mankind. Basically, everything about the movie is an A+ and we can’t have enough of it let’s face it guys.


If you and your friends are a fellow sucker for movies then surely you guys plan a lot of movie dates together. Next time when you plan it out with your pals, you don’t need to keep browsing for hours and hours to finalise what to watch. All you need to do is, go through this list once and the rest will be sorted.

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