Good Movies About Happiness

good movies about happiness

Are you a movie enthusiast? Do you like watching movies to make yourself feel good? If Cinema yes then you are at one right place. You must agree that cinema is comforting and a great way to get some positivity. Movies have the power to inspire people and that’s why here are 4 remarkable movies of all time.  These will certainly kick in those good vibes. So, make sure to check out these below-mentioned films. 

  1. The Pursuit Of Happiness

The heartwarming story of a single father struggling to make ends meet for his son. For those looking for motivation, The Pursuit of Happiness has a lot. It was released in 2006 but still is popular and considered one of the most memorable films done by Will Smith. He plays Chris who fails in his professional life and eventually his wife leaves him. Chris has to take care of his son despite them having no place to go. This movie will make you cry but happy at the same time. Be sure to check out this touching story. 

  1. The Princess Diaries
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What happens when you become a princess all of a sudden? This 2001 film is about a young girl named Mia who finds out that she’s a princess of Genovia, a small state in Europe. Mia is quite awkward, clumsy, and funny. The story will make you laugh all the time. It’s filled with humor. Thus, a good pick for those who want good vibes. The Princess Diaries is going to comfort you. Don’t miss it if you like wholesome movies. 

  1. Up 

Undoubtedly a masterpiece by Disney Studios. Up is a story based on a deep message and yet it’s comical at the same time. It will teach some things while making you laugh. The animated film was released in 2009 and has been popular since then. The story is centered around an old man named Carl who has lost his wife. He is sad but determined to fulfill his wife’s dream to reach Paradise Falls. Carl meets a little adventurer Russell and he accompanies him on his journey. 

  1. The Parent Trap
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Another heart-touching story of two twin sisters whose parents are divorced. Hallie and Annie unexpectedly meet each other and now they will reunite with their parents. The tale is emotional and you can even watch it with your family. It is considered one of the movies one can watch. 


Here are 4 remarkable movies of all time that will make you feel good too. The first one on the list is The Pursuit of Happiness which is one heartwarming story of a single father struggling to make ends meet for his son. Then there’s The Princess Diaries where the protagonist is Mia who is an awkward and clumsy individual. This will surely be fun to watch. Thirdly, the list has Up which is considered one of the best-animated movies. Lastly, The Parent Trap is good to hit too. 

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