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happiness book quotes

The holiness of your heart, the power of love and the dedication of your mind can manifest in many ways. Mahatma Gandhi was born a lamasa of a Tibetan agricultural family on to a modest Tibetan farmer family in taktser, a small peasant village in northeast tibet. He too was one of eighteen children born to that family, Nine of those were dead in infancy.

Know About Mahatma Gandhi Ji’s Earlier Age

As a child he had been very poor, but in his early years he had become immensely wealthy through his own understanding and hard work. He never once failed to show up for work on time, even when his tasks required long hours and many days of travelling. When he did appear in the classroom, he would carry his bag with an enormous smile on his face that says so much about his happiness with himself and with life in general.

As we move forward in life, all of us face many challenges and problems. But, having that drive, spirit and determination to get out of the mess that one has created, makes these problems seem easier to tackle. Many people today have similar drive, spirit and determination to achieve happiness. The happiness book quotes mention how such individuals are truly blessed.

Some quotes of happiness book quotes also mention having spiritual strength to move ahead in life. It is said that if you are prepared to receive all the good things that life has to offer, you will not need to wait for others to pamper you. You will be able to accomplish all your goals with sheer strength of will.

Quotes By Rumi

There are a variety of quotations of happiness book quotes that people have used to great effect. One of the most famous lines is quoted by Rumi, who was a well-known Persian poet. It is said that there is only one true thing in this world and that is ‘saat dar baraat’. This means ‘there is only one true path to happiness’. And this path is called ‘dalai li’ or ‘the right path’. When you follow this path and remain attached to it completely, then you will live a happy, contented life.

Another famous Dalai Lama quote is one which state that ‘happiness is not a destination, but a journey’. This makes the happiness quotes all the more powerful as they express the fact that happiness is not just an end result, it is also an aspect of your being. So when you read these quotes you will be led to the realization that you cannot attain anything unless you are happy. You can even go so far as to say that happiness is your friend and will always stand beside you.

Dalai Lama Quotes On Happiness

The third set of Dalai Lama quotes on happiness are said to be those that express compassion. These quotes are great if you are someone who is compassionate and who wants to spread happiness. Because you are such a wonderful person, you are sure to be able to convey your compassion without even trying too hard. The greatest advantage of the compassion Dalai Lama quotes is that they can actually help you get what you want. If you are really in love with somebody then you should try to share your compassion for them. Sharing your compassion will allow both of you to benefit from it.

Summing Up

The last set of Dalai Lama quotes would be about pico iyer which is a popular form of Buddhism in India. This form of Buddhism was introduced by the great figure of Buddha Shakyamuni and has had profound impacts on the lives of people from all over the world. When you read the pico iyer quotes you will learn that happiness is indeed all round and that it can come in all shapes and sizes. This quote best sums up the essence of buddism which is a great way to express your feelings and ideals to the rest of the world.

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