Happiness Quotes And Sadness – Whats The Difference

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Sadness and happiness are in many ways equal in our world. Sadness can be dealt with easily, but there is also the sadness that we hide away that affects us for a very long time, and it is a hard one to deal with. When you read a sad quote, you might feel happy or sad, depending on how you interpret what’s being said.

This is not surprising because everyone interprets situations differently. We tend to choose our interpretation of things depending on how we are feeling at the time. This is why sadness and happiness are so often confused in our culture. Sadness is typically seen as negative, while happiness is often thought of as a neutral experience. However, what these two feelings really mean is very different from each other, and you might be surprised at how accurate some sad happiness quotes can be.

Quotes By Charles Dickens

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One of the best sadness quotes is one by Charles Dickens called “When the Students of Oxford College sat together for the last time, they discussed in bitter earnestness the manner in which they could not remain Friends.” The students had all felt that they had lost a friend – and they did – but the sadness they felt was far more complicated than simply a loss of a friend. They felt the loss of a community, of a shared future, of a purpose. The sadness of this group was the same as the sadness felt by many when they lose that hope for a better future, when they are left with no visible roadmap to follow.

Another good sadness quote is from Irish writer Colm Parkinson: “Sorrow is the only drug to mask the pain.” This is from a famous work called The Seagle. This quote comes at a time when the Irish people were going through a terrible war. However, Parkinson writes about how sadness can help you heal more quickly, that sometimes it’s the best medicine. When you are down and feel like there’s no escape, this is the kind of sadness that can lift you up.

Sadness Is One Of Those Essential Things

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Sadness is one of those essential things that we need in our life that we get very easily. We may not enjoy it, but then again, not being happy is not something we want to have in our lives. Sadness and happiness quotes can help us find that necessary sweetness even when we’re not quite sure why. The sadness in these quotes is the longing for something that may be lost or that can’t be found.

The sadness in this happiness quotes comes from knowing that we can’t always count on the people around us to bring us happiness. We may have a special relationship with that person, but that doesn’t mean that they can always be there for us. There’s nothing like feeling the pangs of sadness for someone we care about, but we know it’s just temporary because life goes on. It’s a good thing then, that we can find those rare moments of sadness that is almost sure to bring us joy in return.

Bottom Lin

In any situation, sadness is always accompanied by happiness. This quote is meant to teach us this basic fact. Sometimes, we want to go straight to happiness, but then sadness may get in the way. When this happens, it’s best to go for the happiness quote and remind yourself how beautiful life can be despite all the sadness that surrounds us. Don’t lose hope because sadness can’t make us happier than we already are.

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