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When reading motivational quotes for happiness, people should know how the words inspire happiness. In fact, happiness is a state of mind that people can experience in themselves. According to the studies, happiness is a subjective state that can be described as a positive emotional state rather than an objective state of mind. Therefore, to achieve happiness, one must be able to identify it first through self-improvement or personal reflection.

Inspirational quotes for happiness can be found everywhere. But before applying them to their lives, people have to understand that they are not the only source of happiness. There are many more factors in the world that make people happy. These quotes aim to encourage individuals by giving examples of various situations where people have experienced happiness.

An Overview


The quote “ability memento mori” which means “happiness is a collection of things” is said by the Roman poet Ovid. It was originally written in the second century AD. It is often quoted by those who think that happiness is all about acquiring material possessions. However, this quote teaches that happiness is more about achieving beauty in your life rather than acquiring material possessions.

Another quote is the one by Norman Vincent Peale. In his book “The Power of Positive Thinking”, he said that happiness is a choice. He said that thinking positively can change a person’s life. The quote “If you want something you have to work for it” is a good example on how you can be happy without working for it. A third quote is the one by Norman Vincent Peal, who said “The greatest discovery of my generation is that we can choose our happiness”. These three famous quotations can make the individuals interested in happiness.

Happy Quotes You Need To Know

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Another good quote is “Seek and ye shall find”. This quote is about how to be happy in difficult times. We may fail in our goals in life, but if we still continue to strive, we will succeed. It means that we should not give up easily and should not be satisfied with small things. It also teaches us to persevere.

Another quote is “Happy are those who fear loss, for loss brings no happiness.” This is about how bad it is to lose someone close to us. However, it also shows that we should not dwell on the bad things. It is important to look on the bright side. If we do so, we will see the happiness in our lives.

Another quote is “Being happy is the result of happiness. Living well is the result of being well.” This quote aims to teach us how to appreciate what we already have. It also teaches us that happiness does not come with abundance. Instead, it is gained from gratefulness.

There are many more happiness inspirational quotes that can motivate us. Some of these quotes are a little bit philosophical, while others are more on the direct side. If you really want to feel happy, then these quotes will definitely help you. It will teach you how to appreciate the good things in life. As you walk the path towards happiness, always keep in mind to look back and smile even at the bad things that happen.

Bottom Line

The power of words cannot be expressed in words. It can be only expressed through friendship. So, the next time you want to impart happiness, try to befriend your reader. Follow the simple formula of ‘let your friendship flow.’ By so doing, you will not only impart happiness to your friend; you will also impart happiness to yourself.

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