How To Enjoy The Joy Of Happy Movie

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Life is indeed a struggle for single mother Chris Gardner (WillSmith). Evicted from her home, she and her young son (Jaden Smith Syre) find themselves homeless and alone with absolutely no where to go.

Storyline Of The Movie

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Unfortunately, despite getting a great job at an elite brokerage firm, the job pays no salary. The two have to live in shacks and survive many hardships, but Chris still refuses to succumb to despair, and fights against every adversity to make his life better. Aided by a friend’s daughter (Emma Stone), he makes a plan to get out of this miserable life by going to college. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse when his mother falls ill and the family is forced to relocate to a temporary shelter.

Happiness is based on true events of Chris and Jaden. It is an incredibly moving film, which has been receiving rave reviews from critics and audiences. If you are looking for a good laugh and an amazing story, look no further than this movie.

Know The Cast And Their Characters

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Will Smith plays the role of Chris, a single mother who is struggling to keep her sanity, even while trying to juggle raising her son and going to school. His character is portrayed as a very sensitive and caring individual, which makes him stand apart from other movies of this type.

Jaden also stars in the movie, as well as his parents and sister. He plays the role of a teenager, who is also suffering from his mother’s illness.

The acting in this film is superb. Every actor does a good job in the role of a single mom. The only weak link is that, Will Smith’s character, but if you just let him do his thing, you would realize that it is nothing compared to what Will Smith does.

The storyline in this film is very interesting, because it is more serious than most comedies, yet is very light hearted. The film shows us the struggle of man’s desire for success, even in difficult situations, and how they overcome these situations, making a difference in the life of others.

Will Smith is truly an outstanding actor. His performance in Happiness is without a doubt one of the best of his career and is sure to be highly praised.

What Makes Happiness So Great?

Well, it is a well told story. And it is a comedy in a unique way. It shows us the true struggles of living a successful life, even when your circumstances seem to have gotten out of hand.

The storyline in this film is an inspiration to many. Some people say that it makes them feel sad, or even depressed. But, it helps us to see the good in other people, even though they may be different from us.

Bottom Line

What is great about the story is the relationships between the characters in the film. They are different and their actions reflect upon each other. It is a perfect mix of comedy and tragedy that leaves you wanting more.

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