Happiness Talks- How To Find True Happiness?

How To Find True Happiness

Happiness is a state of mind. There is no magic pill that guarantees happiness forever. But with some understanding, we can become more skillful at keeping ourselves happy. Being happy is entirely a personal choice. Like the famous saying; the only person who permits you full happiness is you.

No one can assume another is happy. Physical appearance is not enough to judge happiness since the state of mind is best known to its owner. Laughter and smiles are not enough to describe it. Someone can do all of these to cover up the sadness inside so that people won’t notice the inner wailing. However, joyfulness can make one smile and laugh more. Since joy is a feeling, you cannot deceive yourself, even though it is easy to mislead others about how you feel. You are either sad inside or happy.

Happiness Talks- How To Find True Happiness?
Happiness Talks- How To Find True Happiness?

What Is Happiness?

Happiness is the positive state of the mind that comes as a result of satisfaction. It is the feeling that comes with the awareness that things are right. This inner feeling controls how one reacts outside.

Happiness Talks- How To Find True Happiness?
Happiness Talks- How To Find True Happiness?

How To Find True Happiness?

  • Appreciate yourself and what you have. You can’t get the best from what you condemn. Appreciate your looks, accomplishment, and personality. You cannot be someone else. Accept that you are unique in your own. The acceptance will give you the zeal to become better.
  • Pursue activities and career of your dream. Find out what you are passionate about, exercise, and go out often.
  • Show kindness and treat others well. Do not add to their sadness. When they are happy, they will do things that will make you happy too.
  • Practice forgiveness because holding grudges brings bitterness. And bitterness, in turn, brings sadness. Eventually, it will rid your mind of negative energy.
  • Be with people who will make you feel great about yourself. Desist from sadists and those that can not see the good in you. Those that condemn you will make you feel low about who you are. 
  • Do not dwell in failure. When you do not get desired results, do not kill yourself over it. Instead, learn from it. And do not go on blaming yourself. But start working harder to prevent such failures from reoccurring.

Benefits Of Being Happy

  • Happiness brings a positive mindset and energy. This zeal makes one more active and does more.
  • Positive feeling boosts heart health and blood level. Sadness can make one depressed. Depression is not suitable for health. Imbibe true happiness to prevent depressive feelings.
  • Joyous People Attract Like Minds. People go for what will make them happy. So happy people do not like being with those that will hinder their pleasant feeling.
  • Your state of joy can put smiles on another person’s face.
  • Joyful Feeling Enhances Beauty. When people feel happy, they tend to smile often. And smiling makes one look more attractive, younger-looking, and more friendly.
  • Now you know what happiness means and how you can make yourself happy, why don’t you start now?
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