Interesting Science About Your Emotion

Interesting Science About Your Emotions

Have you ever felt unhappy or excited? How about angry or afraid? We are humans, and our emotion brings out our reactions in different situations. Emotions are natural thoughts and feelings. We often attribute them to chemical changes that affect our mental state. So these attributes truly make us humans. They also help control our actions and inactions.

You can determine the directions of your emotions by a lot of factors. For example, a few such factors are culture, religion, political view, and many other things. Some people may consider emotions and feelings to be the same. But that is not always the case. This article is going to reveal useful ways of recognizing your own emotions. So you can eventually be able to manage your feelings.

What Does Emotion Mean?

Interesting Science About Your Emotion

Interesting Science About Your Emotion

Emotions are lower-level reactions occurring in the subcortical areas of your mind. These reactions cause a biochemical response in your body. That, in turn, modifies your physical state. Such reactions initially helped humans get by from risky situations. It allowed humans to adjust in the middle of their surroundings. Emotional reactions are a part of our behavior. Also, keeping in mind that they do shift marginally independently and rely on certain conditions.

Features Of Emotions

  • Emotions can come about forcefully or aggressively.
  • Most of the time, our emotions drive us into taking wrong decisions by clouding out our ability to reason logically.
  • Emotions are sudden and spontaneous.

Types Of Emotion

There are more than 20 types of emotions, but we will be concentrating on just 5 in this article.

  • Anger: It is an intense emotional state, usually depicting that of an angry or hostile response to a perceived hurt, threat, or provocation.
  • Fear: This emotional response comes from recognizing or sensing dangers. It may either activate an action to stay and fight or flee. Also, sometimes, it helps to activate your defensive attributes.
  • Disgust: This is an emotion that is activated when a person finds something unpleasant. Your cultural and religious views mostly influence this emotion.
Interesting Science About Your Emotion

Interesting Science About Your Emotion

  • Surprise: This particular emotion comes shooting when you see, taste, touch, hear, or encounter something suddenly in a way you never expected. It can either be positively or negatively. This particular emotion can trigger other kinds of emotions, like anger, sadness, happiness, etc.
  • Envy: It is mostly experienced when someone has what you would have wanted, and it’s also seen as jealousy. It’s mostly not a positive emotion and can lead to other negative emotions playing out.

There are other emotions that were not explained here but can be listed as love, satisfaction, sexual desire, sadness, sympathy, excitement, horror, interest, cravings, empathetic pain, anxiety, adoration and host of others.


It is necessary to realize the various types of emotions we experience as humans. It can help you recognize your inner feelings. And eventually, you will learn how to control your emotions to always work out in positive ways for you. An uncontrolled emotion is likely to cause more harm than good to you in the long run.

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