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marcus aurelius quotes on thoughts and happiness

Ceaser Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus also called Marcus Aurelius was a Roman Emperor and was known for his meditation on Stoic Philosophy which was a 12 book compendium of personal writing originally written in Greek. Aurelius is now considered the most prominent Philosopher of Stoicism of ancient Greek and Roman School of thought. Marcus Aurelius quote on thoughts and happiness will completely change anyone’s viewpoint on dealing with a life challenge.

Marcus Aurelius was a true paradox and an emperor with unlimited powers to control his world and circumstances, he had a deep understanding that said happiness and peace do not lie in the outside world.

Marcus Aurelius Quotes On Thoughts And Happiness – Life Happiness

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According to Marcus Aurelius quotes on thought and happiness, happiness depends upon the quality of your thought. The essence of Aurelius’s philosophy was that we cannot control what occurs to us; however, we can control our response to that event of our life which gives us enormous stability and liberty.

In life, people face many difficulties and one should know how to face that difficulty and how to live in a place of peace. Giving your mind some time to relax or some peace will help you achieve the freedom to shape your life by controlling or commanding your thoughts.

Challenges in Life

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According to Marcus Aurelius’s quotes on thought and happiness, challenges and trials is an unavoidable part of life, but what a person believes about life and the universe will bring goodwill and help the person to accept the difficult stuff. We face many obstacles in our life and some seem impossible to achieve, but with the motivation to accomplish it, we can go to any extent, this proves that obstacles are the greatest opportunity for motivation and growth.

The challenge or obstacles motivate us to re-ensure our way or path, find something new in the challenge which will ultimately enhance our ability by practicing the virtue of courage, patience, and generosity.

Marcus Aurelius Quotes On Thoughts And Happiness – Meditation, Peace, And Good In Everyone

Meditation is based on a single and simple principle that is, your power is in your mind not in the things that happen to us. To find strength a person just has to realize the power of his mind by which he can encounter any negative feelings, emotions, or situations.

Aurelius advises finding common ground with other people and to see the good in everyone. Aurelius experienced that people can be selfish and hurtful to others, but if we choose not to let their actions affect ourselves then the person will never get hurt by other’s actions or wrongdoing.

Aurelius believes that all men are made to cooperate with each other; however, sometimes circumstances force them to do what the other person wants. Some people can be meddling, ungrateful, arrogant, dishonest, and jealous but there is and will always be some good in each of them.

Aurelius strongly believes that you do not need to escape from your environment to find peace. We can obtain peace and calmness anytime in our minds. Aurelius thought that there is no place where a person finds a peaceful, trouble-free, and calm environment other than his mind.

By the way of mental retreat and through the way of meditation a person improves his or her creativity, productivity, enhances his emotional well-being, and improves memory which ultimately leads to peace of mind and happiness in life.


Your attempt to overcome that challenge will motivate you and that motivation will lead your path to success. The mediation philosophy taught us that mind power can overcome any fear you have faced. His thoughts teach us to see the good in each person and to handle any situation calmly which will lead you to a healthy and happy life. Overall, Aurelius’s main aim was to make people realize that good thoughts in the mind will lead you to a greater and happier life.

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