Movies About Life That You Have Never Watched Before To Change The Way You Look At Life

movies about life

Do you love watching movies? Probably who doesn’t? Moves can make us cheer, laugh and cry. It is not just about fun as we can relate to them; we get inspiration from them. When we see heroes take on extraordinary goals, with all adversities and difficulties, we get motivated by these movies about life. Sometimes we get tired of working hard and want to give up while Dealing with neck-to-neck competition in the modern era. But movies make us watch deep inside ourselves and don’t lose hope. But there are many that are already very popular, and you may have already watched them several times. So if you want to watch something new and different, we are here to give you the list of movies about life that you have not watched before but will stay with you forever.

Classical Movies About Life

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The Green Mile (1999)

This one of the life movies that has the captivating plot of choosing between doing the right thing or performing duty. It expresses the emotions of friendship and humanity. In this movie, a character, Paul, had walked the mile with many felons. He was convinced of John’s innocence. Beyond his native fear of the dark, in this movie about life, Coffey also has a prodigious, supernatural gift.

Modern Movies About Life

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Into The Wild (2007)

As the name aptly reveals, it is one of the movies about life is a story of breaking free. “I don’t believe in careers, Mr. Franz, I think careers are a 20th-century invention,” is a famous and one of most impactful dialogue that well reflects this sentiment. Christopher McCandless left his emerging professional career as an athlete behind, chooses to give his belongings for charity, and embarks on a journey to the wilderness of Alaska. It is one of the movies about life, which is An inspiring story of choosing an alternate life path in today’s competitive world.

Freedom Writers (2007)

The story of Erin Gruwell is one of the movies about life that depicts the class of at-risk teenagers deemed to be incapable learners. It is a must-watch for young learners, where it is shown that teachers can affect the lives of their students in positive ways. This is one of few classical movies about life that reeks the message of motivation and is super inspiring both for teachers and students.


Movies about life are something that can inspire you to think out of the box. Many times, they can help you to look back at your life and motivate you for a bright future. These inspiring movies will make you a better person and will help you to believe in yourself and look for the bright side no matter what is happening in your life.

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