Pursuit of Happiness Quotes – The Inspiration We Need to Achieve Happiness

pursuit of happiness quotes

Pursuit of happiness is one of the best things that you can possibly aspire to. It is a good quote that expresses the feeling that we all have towards the pursuit of happiness. These quotes are from various authors all over the world, all who were able to experience the feeling of absolute happiness.

Pursuit Of Happiness Quotes

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“The pursuit of happiness is like a journey, and when we come to the end of it, there is nothing else to do but enjoy and be happy.” This is a quote by Henry David Thoreau. He experienced and wrote about this in his book “Walden”, later on to become one of the major works on American Humor. The writer, Henry David Thoreau went through a lot of hardships during his life. However, he also discovered great things about living a life full of happiness.

“When the mind is filled with happiness, the whole body shall act as a temple.” This is a quote by Descartes. This guy believed that happiness is the highest thing that one can aspire for, thus making it the most important thing in his life. Other than that, the pursuit of happiness consists of having a good body, health, and wisdom for being able to live an extraordinary life.

“Pursuit of happiness is like dancing. If you don’t like the music, you have no choice but to turn around and start dancing again.” This is the famous line spoken by dancer/actor, Michael Jackson. Similar to the above said quote, he had to make changes in his life to get rid of the pain caused by the disease that he had contracted.

“Seek happiness with all the heart you have.” This is another great quote by Henry David Thoreau. He also said that everyone has the right to happiness. However, it is not easy to attain it as it is hard to find happiness within our own lives. In order to obtain happiness, people have to move on with their lives and move towards fulfilling their goals so that they may be happy with their pursuit of happiness.

Other Popular Pursuit Of Happiness Quotes

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“Pursuit of happiness is like a journey, not a destination.” This is the quote from the book, The Second Schedule by Jean M. Auel. In this book, Auel reveals the secret formula on how to have a happy life despite all the obstacles that come your way. Pursuit of happiness is not just about reaching your goal, but living life to its fullest. When one is able to live life to its fullest, he becomes happy and realizes that there are more things to life.

Reasons To Read Happiness Quotes

There are a lot of pursuit of happiness quotes that one can use to inspire him to pursue happiness and achieve his goals. They can be very simple and basic, but it still gives us the idea of what it truly means when we say pursuit of happiness. It doesn’t only mean winning the lottery or becoming super rich, but it is about living your life to the fullest, enjoying it and being happy with the entire process.

Final Thoughts

The pursuit of happiness is all about finding the right balance between work and play, between friends and family and between school and leisure. When one finds his balance, he already has a clear direction for the future and for the life that he will be leading. He will be living a happy and healthy life that most of us will take for granted if we are not blessed with someone who can teach us the art of happiness. Thus, we can thank the many happiness quotes online for giving us the inspiration that we need in reaching happiness.

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