Success and Happiness Quotes For Motivation and Enthusiasm

success and happiness quotes

Success and happiness are two sides of the same coin, right? They are both mutually dependent on one another, and when you don’t have one, the other usually loses out on its chance of being realized. If you want to have success and happiness, then success and happiness are two sides of the same coin. But how can success and happiness be attained by everyone who tries to live a good life? Is there a secret to achieving success and happiness for the everyday person?

Negative Beliefs

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Well, if you can beat your negative limiting beliefs about life, then nothing else can succeed in keeping you from achieving a successful life of success and happiness. But it’s hard to consistently habitually avoid yourself from engaging yourself with negative thoughts, choices, or activities which could hinder you from achieving a successful and happy life, especially if you’re not in the habit of enjoying your own mind with positive encouraging happiness quotes. What makes this even more challenging to do is if you get caught up in thinking about what could possibly go wrong with your plan of action. What goes right? What goes wrong?

Positive Thoughts

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Here’s what most success and happiness quotes about success and happiness tell us though: A successful person is a person who has positive empowering thoughts about success and happiness, and he is a person who puts his/her energy into pursuing those thoughts and ideas through effort. The person who is successful and happy is a person who keeps himself/herself motivated, and who has a positive outlook about everything. Successful people are always optimistic; they see the glass as “half full” rather than “half empty”.

Self Talk Is Important

Here’s the thing though. Most of us are not as motivated to pursue our dreams and goals as we could, perhaps, be. And so the first step in creating a successful and happy life is for each of us to decide that for ourselves by saying a simple, positive motivating phrase such as “I will have a successful life”. Then, and only then, we can make real and meaningful progress toward our goals.

Self Esteem Is Important

It sounds like simple common sense. But when we stop to think about it for a minute, many people’s initial reaction is to be skeptical or even suspicious of this approach. After all, isn’t self-esteem the important thing about having success in life? Isn’t having success with the ultimate goal of anyone? Doesn’t that make logical sense?

The Ultimate Guide of Action

It absolutely makes sense. That’s why these success and happiness quotes about success and happiness should be seen as the ultimate guides for action. These quotes are the things that will give you the power, the will, and the motivation to not let your dreams die. Because if they do, what happens? Those dreams will disappear and you’ll wake up one day in an empty bed.

No need to worry

The Internet provides a way to not only find the best success and happiness quotes but also to discover all the great advice, tools, and techniques that will help you reach your personal goals. There are success books, success blogs, success programs, success retreats, and success radio shows to help you along your road to success. And, most importantly, there are the experiences of success and the knowledge of how to create a happy life you’ve always wanted.


One of the best ways to use success and happiness quotes as a motivational tool is to re-frame your situation. Instead of seeing yourself as lacking something, which you believe is a lack, but rather see yourself as capable of achieving whatever it is you set out to do. If you set out to lose weight, instead of thinking you don’t have the motivation or energy to do so, but instead decide that you have a great opportunity with a great product to lose weight, you will see yourself as being more successful in reaching your goal. Re-framing your situation will help you find more success. When you look at your situation objectively, you will be more likely to find solutions that will help you achieve your goals.

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