The Best Feel Good movies Of All Times

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Ever felt down and need a feel good movie to put the best smile on your face? We have you covered with the best feel good movies of all time.

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Let us get started. The first best feel good movie for me is definitely Mean Girls. I know that this is not everyone’s favorite girl power film primarily targeted at teenage girls but it is one of my best feel good movies. This hilarious comedy about high school politics does have some dark aspects to it but overall, it is a very uplifting movie. It shows how women are capable of being mean, ruthless and still think they are better than everyone else – men included primarily in this situation. The best part of all? You realize that most if not all of these girls don’t even realize they are being mean.  I find that this movie is one of the best feels good movies because it shows how ridiculously unimportant high school politics are especially when you grow older. This is my best feel good movie for teens but it’s the best feel good movie for adults as well!

Moving on to the second one, The best feel good movie of all time, in my opinion, is Dirty Dancing. Yes, I know some people think the storyline is silly and that you can never pull something like this off today or that it’s better if nobody got hurt but I disagree on every single point. This classic feel is all about female empowerment and finding yourself. The best part? It’s never cheesy or overly dramatic, which is something I really like. Also, did I mention Patrick Swayze? Because of course, we can not forget his best dance moves.

The third best feel good movie is Enchanted! This movie has such a great plot, you almost want it to be real life because who wouldn’t want their best fairytale prince charming showing up out of nowhere and sweeping them off their feet? Of course this best fit for kids but it’s still one of my best feel good movies for women of all ages. This movie from 2007 is definitely one of the best feel good movies for me!

My next pick for the list of best feel good movies is “27 Dresses”! Although this best fit for teens might not be one of the best feminist films ever, it’s still great. This movie shows that you can do anything if you set your mind to it and that everything happens in due time! The best part? It has Katherine Heigl who was most deservedly nominated at Oscars for her role in this best comedy romance film made in 2008. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like this movie so I do recommend watching it if you have a chance because this is one of the best feel good movies in 2008 and is definitely worth seeing!

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