The Incredible Power Of Contentment

The Incredible Power Of Contentment

Many people often interpret the word contentment with different meanings. Some people believe even think that being content will limit their ability to aim higher and the urge to become better. But some people also feel that we should be content if we can afford our basic needs. And finally, some believe it’s a world calved out by greedy fellows who prevent others from achieving what they have achieved. No matter which mindset you belong to, the meaning of the word won’t change. And it serves as an interesting topic to discuss – now, and in the future.

So What Is Contentment?

It is a state or a level you get to that gives you that satisfaction based on your current level. What satisfies one person may not be enough for another person. So every person has their own definition for what makes them content. But if we practice hard, we can eventually learn to be satisfied with what we have.

The Incredible Power Of Contentment

The Incredible Power Of Contentment

Why Do You Need To Experience Contentment?

According to Mark Twain, the right set of friends, with a good record, and a sleepy conscience gives us the definition of an ideal life. A person should not go overboard when they have their fulfilled basic needs. It’s enough to be able to take care of one’s personal needs and that of immediate family, with a bit to spare for friends and neighbors. What else is needed?

Benefits Of Being Content

Contentment Makes You Happy

Things hardly get to you because they do not move you, you are less disappointed, you don’t get hurt easily, and you end up finding joy in the most little things around.

Brings Peace And Tranquility In Society

Love and Peace in Society

We know that discontentment breeds greed, then hate, anger with competitive tendencies. Such negative emotions make us bitter, thereby promoting violence, covetousness, and host of other vices. Oppositely, contentment leads to a state where we only focus on the positive things in our life. So when people are content, society becomes peaceful.

Promotes Tolerance

A society filled with content citizens gives room for understanding, acceptance, and non-judgmental attitudes. If all of us are satisfied with our lives, there won’t be any place for hatred, greed, and jealousy.

Contentment Eliminates Inferiority Complex

Like the points above, contentment fights against judgment and comparison. It doesn’t give room to bullying or shaming others due to what or who they have. Discontentment is what brings about oppression, and oppression has inferiority as one of its armies.

Brings About Harmony

A content man will surely be ever ready to work with others without trying to scam or strip them of their belongings. People can trust those who aren’t greedy and don’t use others to their advantage.

So these are the different ways that contentment can benefit us. If we can achieve satisfaction in what we have, then the world will surely become a better place for us as well as our future generations.

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