The Pursuit Of Happiness Quotes – How Does This Movie Motivate You

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The pursuit of happiness is one of the best movies and certainly a movie that nobody should miss. It is based on the story of Chris Gardener. About a person who loses everything in life. He is a hard-working, caring, and loving father. He struggles at every stage of life whether financially for the needs of his wife and son.

This was actually a somewhat different story as compared to the plot of the movie. You can still feel that Chris Gardner is a courageous man with faith and perseverance. He became homeless and he further has to take care of his little son. He finds an unpaid internship for 6 months at the brokerage firm.

The Pursuit Of Happiness Quotes – The Lesson That Pursuit of Happiness Has Taught

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1.      Raising a Child on your own if difficult

Almost at the beginning of the movie his wife leaves him and his son. So, he needs to deal with working and caring for his son. He loves his son and everything Chris does is for him. It was difficult for him but he raised his child beautifully.

2.      Being Poor Never Stopped Him

He always believed that success depends on effort, not on fate or luck. He dreams and he keeps and goes after it. So, money mattered but not at the point of time when his dedication towards life was 100%. He never stopped making efforts.

3.      Life will sometimes be tough

If you are rich, maybe you will never taste the necessity. At one point of time life becomes tough. He loses his house, goes to the motel, and eventually he ends up living homeless. He and his son even spend their night at the station restroom. Hence, he tasted both the bitterness and happiness of life.

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4.      When things get dark, relax

He had finished the internship and did not have anything else to go ahead with. He did not know about his future and what his future would bring to him. So, even in his dark days he never gave up and continued to be relaxed. No matter what you are dealing with, mental pressure will never make things easier for you.


Don’t let anyone make you a victim of failure and happiness; don’t let them kill your dreams. If you haven’t watched the movie then you should watch it now this will help you in many life lessons. In the end, it is all about your ability to take care of yourself and understanding that self-care is not selfish. Sometimes, it is only wise to prioritize yourself and understand that your needs need to be fulfilled before you attend to anything else. Also, you should understand that happiness lies within and there is no need to search for it in the company of another person or any other object externally. We hope this article helps you with the lessons you can learn from this movie and try to apply it in your life for better outcomes.

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