The Secrets Behind Smiles: Learn More Here!

The Secrets Behind Behind Behind Smiles

The Inner Dynamics of Success, written by Chuck D, is a wonderfully enlightening book about personal development. Author Chuck D, a former Mormon bishop, has spent many years researching the psychology of success and helping others realize their potential also find the secrets behind smiles.

The book is organized into three CDs. One CD contains the chapters on success from the book; the second CD contains an audio recording of Chuck D’s Personal Development Workshops, and the third CD contains a follow-up e-course. These three CDs are an excellent introduction to personal development.

The Secrets Behind Smiles: Learn More Here!
The Secrets Behind Smiles: Learn More Here!

First CD

The first CD contains an audio recording of Chuck D’s e-course called Behind Smiles: The Inner Dynamics of Success. The speaker on this CD is a beautiful young woman named Alicia Becht. A few minutes into her talk, I realized I was listening to a saleswoman. But one who seemed so much more grounded than the typical saleswoman I have heard on these CDs.

Second CD

The second CD features the recording of Chuck D’s “Success Secrets” workshop. This workshop was really very uplifting and helped me realize what I am capable of. Although there were some tough concepts discussed, the messages on the audio CD resonated with me and made me think clearly about the material.

Third CD

The third CD features Chuck D’s recording of his previous workshops titled Behind Smiles: The Inner Dynamics of Success. In this recording, he talks about how the “inner dynamics” of success are common among successful people and not uncommon among unsuccessful people. He then points out that one reason for this is the realization that all people face challenges. Successful people manage their fears and obstacles, while unsuccessful people give up easily and often fear failure.

This third recording also helps me realize that most things that are successful have been achieved through failure. I had learned something about the human condition! I was reminded that despite my successes, I still had much to learn.

Other Ways

Another way that these three CDs helped me was when I realized that I don’t have to struggle as hard to be successful. If I learn the lesson from behind Smiles, I can be successful in life. It will take some effort, but if I treat myself like a princess at Christmas time and treat other people like I treat myself, I will feel good about myself.

In the last of the CDs, Chuck D suggests that successful people enjoy the process of learning and that they find the rewards that come from success to be very rewarding. I also began to realize that many times when people “learn” that their idea doesn’t work, they become upset and disappointed.

In the last two CDs, I was reminded that success doesn’t mean that you receive awards or trophies. Often, when people think that they have reached a goal. They get into a downward spiral of feeling sorry for themselves. When they look in the mirror, they see something else. Something that doesn’t seem to fit their ideas about themselves and what they should be doing with their lives.

The Secrets Behind Smiles: Learn More Here!
The Secrets Behind Smiles

There is no better time to invest in audio CDs than now. Many of us are well on our way to becoming successful, but we don’t realize it until we begin to experience successes.

Using CDs as a way to help ourselves are not new; and, as long as people use them, it is worthwhile. Before I learned about the three CDs I started using my favorite CD to remind me to be careful about what I say. Also to be positive and to keep a positive attitude about my success.

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