Thoughts On Happiness In English – How To Keep Yourself Happy From Within

thoughts on happiness in english

When you have issues in different parts of your life, the thoughts on happiness in English would be of great help. A happy life involves self-love, partner love, and the bonding you have with what you believe is the supreme power. In this article, we will be discussing more about happy human life and how the different relationships contribute to a happy mindset for you. This also brings together some lessons from popular thoughts.

Identifying Yourself

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The first and the foremost thing for a good and happy life for a human being is identifying its true self. The process of identifying true self along with identifying the personal preferences and choices of an individual also implies identifying who the person you are according to gender identity. Born with the physical attributes of a boy or a girl does not really mean that the soul inside the body will also identify itself according to the body structure. The physical structure can be of a male but the soul does not necessarily have to be of a male the soul can be of a female. This is what needs to be identified by individuals. But here lies the problem. The freedom to express one’s gender is not an easy way. Even after identifying themselves, people tend to shy out from expressing themselves with the fear of being judged by society. The family members find it difficult to accept the way of expressions. They try to make them the so-called proper or straight by taking them to doctors.

Your Partner

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Improving your communication skills and dating skills will not help you find your soulmate. It is innate qualities that can only be invoked only after attaining a certain connection. Hence having the right information about what you need and what you lack will be capable of turning tables in your life. It is okay to be single but you should also be able to welcome the changes that will present themselves in the future. 

Your Relationship With God

When one reads the book, one might feel like God is letting Satan make Job suffer, just so he can prove that Job wouldn’t lose faith in God whatsoever. In the end, Job loses everything, his family, friends, belonging, etc. His life becomes miserable and this is when he questions the reason for his sufferings. This is often seen as an act of injustice. This brings up questions like ‘why make a human suffer for no reason. People often question why God makes suffering a real thing if he loves the world. They expect God to make everyone happy and remove all the pain and suffering from the world. 


It is a fact that society is judgemental and nothing can change them but a family is a place where everyone feels secure and is a place of trust for all who will accept their preferences. With growth and development all around the world young people should be given the right chance to express sexuality in their own way.

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