Understanding The Concept Of Family In Modern Society

Understanding The Concept Of Family In Modern Society

Family means different things to different people. In the past, only those related by blood were called family. Nowadays, it’s definition is more of a personal thing. It is a decision of the mind. People choose who to call families as a result of different factors.

Such relations are not just by birth and marriage. It also comes from peaceful relationships between people who are not related. Sometimes even blood relatives don’t refer to one another as a family. Such a thing usually happens if there is no bond between them. On the other hand, non-blood related individuals may act as families sometimes.

Ways People Become Family In A Modern Society

Blood Relations


Families consist of people who share blood relations. That includes nuclear, extended, as well as compound families. It is mainly made up of father, mother, and children. But there are many other relatives as well, like, uncles, aunts, grandparents, etc. These types of families come as a result of marriage and procreation. It is the oldest form.

Through Adoption

Adopted children are also a part of one’s family. The same applies to foster parents, as well. Some people may even consider them as blood relatives. The reason for this is because of the bond that exists between them. In fact, the relationship between parents and adopted children is no different than that between children and their biological parents.

Family By Friendship

The feeling of love that exists between two or more individuals will make them see one another like families. Such people are not related by blood. The number of years they spent together, and the love and trust between them create a family-like relation. Some friends make more sacrifices than blood relatives. So even friends can sometimes be a type of extended family.

Families By Religion And Societal Groups


In some religious groups, the members consider themselves a family. So they treat one another as same. They defend one another. In some cases, people have more value for such members than for their blood relations. Such people consider each other as families due to their mutual beliefs and similar ideologies.

Situational Families

Other types of families in modern society are those that live together due to circumstances. These people include those in orphanages, refugee camps, and foreign countries. Orphans have learned to call their guardians as parents. They even call other children as brothers and sisters. Some migrants living together in a foreign land call themselves families because of their common cultural background. Also, another factor is that being far from home, they can trust one another better.

Reasons People Call Non-blood Relatives Family

  • The sacrifices that non-blood relatives have made for them.
  • The level of trust that exists between them.
  • Care, love, and understanding from people can make one call them family.
  • An extended period of living together peacefully

Understanding the true meaning of family does not have a general approach. Every individual has a different explanation for it. Experience has taught people to expand their scope of the meaning of family. People will keep having reasons for calling non-blood relatives’ families.

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