Why You Should Read Cyanide and Happiness Books

cyanide and happiness books

Cyanide and happiness books are all over the web, from books, magazines, to internet sites. The thing is that a lot of people find them to be too depressing. That’s why, before you start reading one of these cyanide and happiness books, here are some helpful tips to make you happy at all times.

What Is Cyanide And Happiness?

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Cyanide and happiness are a weekly webcomic. Unlike other popular comics, it doesn’t have a plot and no consistent storyline. But some people find them too depressing, so exceptions to this rule are often made with recurring character appearances throughout the book. In this case, however, you’ll only have one chance to get to experience their presence – at the beginning of each week’s issue.

Like every good book, Cyanide and Happiness also have some kind of character motivation to keep you from getting too sad. The main character of cyanide has a past full of horrible experiences that he will carry over into his new life in the future.

And since his past is the source of a lot of the humor of the story, it’s very easy to relate with his personality. Whether he’s feeling depressed because he got dumped or whether he’s being so because he was forced by an abusive parent to grow up too quickly in order to make sure his brother will have a better life, there is always a little something funny about the situation.

The comedy part, however, comes when the character doesn’t realize how much of a joke he’s making, and instead he’s enjoying his new life. Sometimes this can actually work against the reader and give them nightmares that they don’t need to live with.

Reasons To Read Cyanide And Happiness Books

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If you have problems with the humor part, just know that you’re not the only one. There are a lot of other people who find them to be too bleak.

In cyanide and happiness, things do not go quite as planned for either the happy or the sad. In fact, they have to live their lives a second time, so to speak, as they try to come to terms with everything that happened.

You should take note that while cyanide and happiness books are some of the most popular ones on the net, you shouldn’t expect these stories to make you a happier person. It may make you laugh, but there’s more than a little bit of sadness mixed in.

What Makes Cyanide And Happiness Books So Popular?

There’s a lot of comedy in a book, but if you want to try and change your own life, you might have to stop and really think about what went wrong the first time around. Because that’s usually where the heart of a tragedy is found.

Sometimes, people just have bad luck and everything goes wrong in their life. Sometimes they just get caught up in the wrong moment. Maybe they just didn’t give enough attention to their families, or maybe they did not understand what would happen in their lives if they had gone for something else.

Sometimes, all they have to do is be aware that their happiness is dependent on the way they treat themselves. It will not always be a happy ending to your story, but it can also be the start of a much better one.

Sometimes, they just cannot seem to put a stop to their unhappy relationship. Sometimes, they may have to face the fact that they are unhappy because they just don’t know what to do about it. Sometimes, they just have no hope and they have to move on.

Summing Up

Though, you will have to face the truth and accept that life happens and we have to learn how to live with it. If you really want to read Cyanide and Happiness, you should.

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